Jumbo Gumbo Events carries out its services throughout Italy, with no limit of displacement in order to be present and guarantee you a super wedding party


Pre-wedding serenade

Surprise your future bride with the most romantic and welcome gift! Personalize the list of songs, choosing the music of your heart, and we will perform them in the street, under the bride’s balcony/house, or wherever the groom requires it, making the moment absolutely magical. (Free product up to 30.09.2019 with the purchase of Aperitif Entertainment and / or Party)

Ceremony music (Church and/or civil ceremony)

The religious/civil function is always the most exciting moment, and the music can certainly not be missed, that’s why we provide the bride and groom, for the ceremony in the Church, a large group of professional musicians (organists, sopranos singers, lyricists , tenors, flutists, violinists, etc.) who will be able to accompany, with taste and expertise, the different moments of the religious ritual (entry/exit from the Church, Communion, rings exchange etc …), and for the civil ceremony, our experience at the service of the spouses to share with them the appropriate music; everything to help make your moment even more unforgettable.

“Aperitif” entertainment

Every successful entertainment starts from the guest welcome, that is the aperitif; the music, in this moment of the party, has a strong visual impact, it takes attention, and encourage the relaxation between guests and the conversation between them, taking on a role of “icebreaker” to make the guests immediately feel involved in the party. A refined “song list”, combined with the right volume of the music itself, will create, therefore, the right party atmosphere, without, however, bothering those who prefer to be ease, also giving the spouses the chance to dedicate their attention to their guests . At the end of the aperitif, the music can still be available to the spouses, carried on in multimedia mode.

Party entertainment

The lunch/dinner is coming to an end, and, after the magic moment of cake cutting, the show starts with live music that will unleash all your guests; a long song list of pop music, rock and roll, dance and international hits, not forgetting the romantic ballads for the bride and groom, for a 360-degree fun, and a wedding, which guests will hardly forget.

DJ set

Purchasable individually and/or with other services, the DJ set is an excellent alternative to the classic disco; arrange the playlist with our skilled DJs twenty years experienced, and they will select and mix your favourite music to create a long, personalized and varied soundtrack.


Wedding is the Love day of course, but, at the same time, it’s a moment of fun for all the guests too, who want to share this day with the spouses; so you can’t miss an entertainment that can be integrated with the other events of the day: group games involving the guests, magic shows, fire shows, jugglers and everything that can turn a party in an unforgettable one, not leaving behind, of course, the undisputed king of all the entertainment: the karaoke! Giving guests the chance to sing, in fact, as well as involving in singing all the people together, is something that always receives a great success from audiences of any age: thousands of available songs in a virtual never ending playlist that you can sing through to the radio microphones that will be available to the public, and, by request, even showed on a large screen… for a wedding day where to have fun is the main and necessary rule!

Caricaturist Service

Do you want to entertain and amaze your guests at your wedding or party? Here is an original idea to give a touch of color and sparkle to your event. Caricatures
to entertain guests: a nice personalized gift for them, to take their home as a souvenir of the day.

Fluo Party service

Do you want to give a touch of color during the musical entertainment of your event? Choose the Fluo Party service. Necklaces, bracelets and cute fluorescent gadgets that will make your guests go crazy and having fun during the party.

Fireworks Service

If you want a romantic but also highly scenic atmosphere for your wedding day, you can turn to our fireworks service; billiant and evocative colors, captivating chromatic nuances and spectacular visual effects that will make your event unique and memorable.

Photo Boot Service

The guests' entertainment is the ultimate goal of every wedding party, and among the things that cannot be missed, there is the corner for the Bhoto Booth. The bride and groom will choose a background, perhaps in theme with the party, and place the "photo booth machine" close to a table full of accessories, so the guests will enjoy using all the gadgets available to them, taking and clicking dozens of photos that will become a wonderful memory of the wedding. Among crowns, fake mustaches, improbable glasses and funny masks, this corner of the room will be fun for everyone.

Adult Animation

Make your event even more unique and unforgettable with our entertainment services for adults: juggling and clowning (stokers, acrobats, stilt walkers, magicians and acrobats), professional DJ animators and a wide choice of themed parties (revival, fluo party , circus party, funfair).

Children animation

For an event that will stays unforgettable even for the little ones, while you enjoy the party, enrich your special day with our entertainment services for children: soap bubbles, slides, group games, clowns and theme parties to share the joy atmosphere with the youngest guests.

Party setup

Enhance your location by creating a customized layout, with truly unique objects and creations that will amaze your guests: tasting corner (candy floss cart and pop corn machine), balloon sculptures, giant mascots and every kind of decorative solution.


Other services:

  • SIAE consultancy services, carrying out pratictices, where it’s possible
  • Photo / video set service to capture the most beautiful moments of fun during the wedding sessions.